How to find inner peace in an increasingly oppressive society?

How to find inner peace in an increasingly oppressive society?

The society and the world we live in is under conflicts and uneasiness. In addition, it has become usual to hear cases of violence and conflicts everywhere in the world these days. Every day, many people die from oppression, whether it is because of their faith, or because of their economic and social status, or because of their race, or other. Fear and tears have become the daily grind of some groups.

The peace ambassador Prem Rawat said that inner peace is in us. He shares his messages of peace to people around the world, especially to those who are desperately looking for harmony. So, is it possible to find peace within if we live in an oppressive society? Read the article and find out how to achieve this goal.

How to find inner peace in an increasingly oppressive society?

Make your home a haven for peace

This should be the first thing to do to help you find inner peace, especially if living in constraints and oppression. Here are some helpful suggestions to transform your home into a peaceful abode:

  • Listen to soothing, relaxing music when you are at home
  • Watch movies about peace and about hope, instead of watching violence and killings
  • Nurture the habit of laying your burdens to a Divine power or to God
  • Tidy up your home so that each time you come in, you can instantly feel relaxed and happy
  • Enjoy a quality time with your family once everybody is at home.

Switch off all electronic devices

You may think that it is relaxing to switch on your mobile devices and get in touch with your friends and acquaintances in the little free time you spend at home. You are mistaken! In fact, if you are always connected, your eyes and mind won't have time to rest. Thus, that will add up to the stress you already have. It is helpful to set a time limit when you get in touch with your friends online.

If you are not able to control yourself, you will end up being addicted to social networking. Besides, you cannot focus on your family and your Self if you do not know your limit.

Find a time for yourself

To promote inner peace, it is important to devote some time for yourself. Enjoy some activities which can foster mind tranquility, such as indoor exercising, or yoga. Avoid engaging yourself in further oppressive situations because it will make things worse. In your free time, avoid going to such noisy, crowded places as the flea market.

Devote your free time to boost your tranquility and peace within. For this goal, it is advisable to take a warm shower before going to bed, and read a good book or watch a comic movie.

Meditate regularly

For more impact, it is crucial to meditate regularly. In fact, meditation is an opportunity for you to focus on your Self. This is the time to really listen to your heart and free your mind from worries or stress. Clear your mind from any oppressive situation that might have perturbed your inner peace.

Focus on your serenity and make peace reigns in your heart. It is important to remember that inner peace is within your Self.


Praying nurtures the hope in an individual. The good thing about praying is that it imparts you with the hope that the situation would improve one day, or that help is coming. For this purpose, it is a good idea to pray for both the oppressed people and also for the oppressor. Keep hoping that there is a divine power who will fight for the oppressed people.

Give a hand to the oppressed people

By helping those who are subjected to oppression, you can contribute to lessening their burdens. Get involved in humanitarian acts through an association or organization. For example, the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF) is a humanitarian organization which works for our well-being.

Contact the responsible individual in the association and get started in peace-promoting activities. Your share is mostly valuable to relieve the sufferings of the oppressed people.