Photo Our advice to be a Zen mother who has found inner peace

Our advice to be a Zen mother who has found inner peace

After finding inner peace, it is natural that you lead a completely different way of life from what you used to have. You feel more tranquil even if some problems arise in your life, at work or in the society. In fact, the feeling of mind tranquility makes life more meaningful and happy. You can easily manage your feelings, and keep your calm even if when faced with the turbulent storms of life.

In spite of her daily roles and routines, a zen mother feels so restful and she takes things as they are. In other words, to nurture the peace within, she feels so quiet despite any possible worries. Thus, if you are a zen mother who has found inner peace, please read our pieces of advice to achieve self-fulfillment.

Our advice to be a Zen mother who has found inner peace

Take good care of yourself

It is necessary that you devote part of your time to take good care of yourself after you find inner peace. Here is a quick-list for this primordial step: 

  • Stay zen by taking good care of your family and your surroundings 
  • Avoid spending your time on unimportant things. In other words, invest your time and energy on primordial tasks
  • Enjoy yourself by feeling grateful and happy for everything


A zen mother has to nurture her mind tranquility through regular meditation. The ideal is to mediate for at least 15 minutes every day. It could be helpful to practice yoga too.

Forgive and forget

Clear your heart from any negative emotions. Pure heart results from your ability to forgive those who made you sad or angry; and then, forgive those past sorrows and get ahead in your life goals.

Live in the present

Stop worrying about the future; break the chains of the past bad memories; Inner peace can only be attained if you are at peace with yourself, and if your mind is focused only at one goal, which is the present.

Go on a spiritual retreat

As a zen mother, you may want to share the same feeling with your children. Thus, it might be a good idea to travel somewhere peaceful with your family, and enjoy a relaxing moment together.

Give charity and alms

Charity work is enriching spiritually because of its great promotion of self-satisfaction. The truth is that by helping the others, especially the needy, you feel zen and at peace with the others.

Visit and cheer up the others

Another important thing to build self-fulfillment if you are a zen mother it to visit war victims, orphans, the oppressed people, or the needy.

Pray to God

Take care of your spiritual life by praying at regular times. In fact, the Bible says that if you acquaint yourself with God, you will be happy and at peace.

Empower those in need

Doing some good deeds for the elderly, the orphans or the refugees can help develop your spiritually, especially if you pray and contribute to the welfare of the deprived ones. For example, join an association which works for peace and humanity, like the Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), and do some voluntary work.

Read and share some Words of Wisdom

Reading some words of wisdom every day will lead you to spiritual fulfillment and reinforce mind tranquility. For example, you can read messages of peace from Prem Rawat, the peace ambassador to enhance the inner peace is within yourself. You can also read the Bible for the same purpose.